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Hobo is a fun fighting game. Here you are the Hobo. He is a street fighter. After wakeup, he fights on the streets. There are many people found in the street and don’t allow anyone to be your boss and they mislead you. If they try to do this, give a strong punch to them and kick them aside. While starting the game you will find options for choosing the difficulty level of the game. Hobo

You can choose whatever you want to play. While going on the levels you will find new combs and you have to unlock them. On the way, you will also find many items on the floor like rubbish bins, bottles. You have to pick them and use them to through on enemies. Play and enjoy the game.

Hobo Game Controls

  • Use A to Punch
  • pick up objects with A
  • kick with S
  • move with arrow keys
  • run by the double-tapping left/right arrow key

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