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2 min read is a multiplayer online game based on the famous Counter-Strike where you will fight against dozens of enemies anywhere in the world and live an amazing gaming experience to the Minecraft style. Enter a universe of pixels and be happy if you survive a long time. In this first-person shooting game, you can modify your character and other elements. But how long will you survive while competing against players from around the world? Take a gun and start firing.

A great game in 3D. Smart maps and a lot of things at your disposal. However, take your headphones so you can detect all the sounds. Your only chance to win is to guess where the sound comes from. Try to get to the top of the scoreboard. The game offers excellent graphics and simple controls through the mouse. The levels are quite broad, so you can move freely. Game Controls

  • W key to move Forward
  • A key to move Left Side
  • S key to Move Back
  • D key to move right Side
  • Mouse to Shoot
  • Space to Jump
  • Esc key to Menu
  • Shift key to Slowdown

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