Super Adventure Pals Game

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Super Adventure Pals game is one of the best fighting game. In this game, You are traveling in the land and battle monster play game from our Website. There was a thief named Mr. B. He has stolen your pet rock. You have to get it back. But you are not alone to fight with Mr. B. You have a friend named Giraffe.

In this game you have to cross many levels and you will find different new weapons and also hats in different colours. You have to fight with the thief by using different weapons. While going on the way you can buy new thing which required in the shop. Let’s play the game and once you start to play you will enjoy it.

Super Adventure Pals

Super Adventure Pals Game Controls

  • P or Escape: Pause Menu
  • Q: Quality
  • M: Mute
  • You will get the choice at the beginning of a new game for either:
  • Arrow keys for Movement
    WASD for abilities
    WASD for Movement
  • Arrow keys for Abilities

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