Wings of Fury Online Game

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Wings of Fury is an action game like super smash flash 2. As a purple dragon, your task will be to find the Well of Souls and prevent the Dark Master from being resurrected. In this cool action game, you become the pilot of an F6F plane and you are in the Pacific during World War II.

Wings Of Fury

In this game, your task is obvious to destroy the Japanese bunkers, barracks and machine gun nests on several islands. When you succeed in the bombing, you can take your machine gun and kill the Japanese soldiers. Do not forget the battleships, which must also be destroyed. You always have to go back to your aircraft carrier in order to get fuel, bombs, and ammunition. Here, you will be able to repair your plane as well.

Wings of Fury Game Controls

  • WASD / Arrows  keys to move the dragon
  • Left mouse button  to shoot flame
  • Hold the button to recharge flame

Use the enhancers with the space bar, control, numeric keypad 0. It takes a while for the game to load. Start playing this game on our site. Check game controls before start to play the game.

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