Zombie Town Online Game

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Zombie Town is a multiplayer game in 3D in which you’ll have to enter a city infested with zombies. You have the hard task of finding the source of evil and eliminate the zombie king so that once and for all this terrible nightmare is over. Embark on a challenging adventure to fight bloodthirsty zombies and restore peace once again. Good luck.

Zombie Town

This time we offer you a multiplayer game in which you will find yourself in a vast map. You need to neutralize your opponents and survive. The best you can do is play with your friend, you can move forward together. Build numerous objects and help each other. The game offers a lot of fun, so do not wait. The controls are simple and the graphics are great.

Zombie Town Game Control

  • Use left arrow key to move left
  • Use the right arrow key to move right
  • Use up arrow key to move forward 
  • Use down arrow key to move backwards
  • Use the left click of the mouse to attack
  • I key to inventory
  • Tab to menu

Invite your friends to play this zombie town game. It is an online game no need to download it. Play and enjoy the game here.

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