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2 min read is a survival game in which you must keep important indicators such as food, water, and energy always at the appropriate level play the game in super smash flash 2 site. Otherwise, as soon as one of them reaches the zero point, you will begin to lose HP quickly. First of all, you must learn how to get food and water. Then how to make a fire so you do not get cold during the night. After that, you can start to build a shelter to defend yourself from other users who will try to kill you.

Build a bunker and get weapons. Try to protect your land and stack food. It’s a survival game where there are many other players. Protect yourself and try to survive as long as possible. There will be a day and night cycles in the game. You have the option to build some useful objects if you wish. The game offers you excellent 2D graphics with tons of options. Join the Euro server and start playing. Look at your temperature, energy, and hunger. Game Controls:

  • WASD keys to movement
  • Mouse to attack
  • Use E key to interact
  • Shift to Speed Up
  • Use C key to craft and skills
  • Use M key to mapĀ 

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Ready to play the game here. No need to download it simply come to our site and play the game. Play and enjoy the game with your friends.

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