Morning Routine

Tips for Your Morning Routine

Larks, for whom almost every morning is good, will never understand owls. And the owls, in turn, can only envy the larks, who wake up without an alarm clock, have time to take a shower, have oatmeal for breakfast, dress calmly and slowly get to work. Owls, on the contrary, get up with difficulty and remain defeated until dinner. Fortunately, there are ways to help you quickly gain tone.

Turn off snooze alarms

Try this option if you feel tired and sleep-deprived in the early hours. On the one hand, from multiple repetitions of the call, you experience a moment of joy and fall into a dream for another 2 minutes. On the other hand, you wake up multiple times too. Wouldn’t it be better to go into the waking state with difficulty, but once? Getting used to such a rise is not easy, but this tip will help you devote more time to real sleep, and not bouncing and dubious joys to delay the inevitable. 

To get up early it is recommended not to use gadgets before going to sleep. It is better to play at the 22Bet Casino 2-3 hours before bed, so that your body is relaxed.

Drink a glass of water and eat a delicious breakfast

Drink a glass of waterDrink a glass of waterDrink a glass of water

A warm glass of water will kickstart your metabolism and help you wake up. If you break the habit of eating heavy dinners, you will experience hunger, which will spur you to rise. You will run to the kitchen with enthusiasm, especially if you remember that you have thought over the menu since the evening. Leave for breakfast the most delicious dish – toast with condensed milk, lasagna, scrambled eggs, pancakes or porridge.

Pay attention to appearance

Your mood cannot be called good, is it worth spoiling it even more by looking at bruises and swelling under the eyes? Better to get rid of them. Get into the habit of using quality eye patches. If there are none yet, freeze a decoction of chamomile and wipe the skin around the eyes with this ice cube. You will feel a pleasant chill, wake up faster and be completely satisfied with yourself.

Another nuance that can spoil the mood of an owl is the appearance of greasy hair. Knowing that there will be no time to wash your hair, make preparations in the evening. If this fails, store dry shampoo at home or wash only the bangs. This procedure will help you quickly get in shape.

Use caffeine

Use caffein

Yes, it is difficult to do without a morning cup of coffee, and you should not limit yourself. On the contrary, the list of products containing caffeine should be expanded. It’s about cosmetics. In the morning, it is best to use products that also contain this famous antioxidant. 

Get a lymphatic drainage massage

For self-massage, use face cream or oil. First, you should warm up the product between the palms and fingers, and then walk your fingers along the forehead, applying the cream with vertical movements from the eyebrows and above, to the roots of the hair. Then rub your earlobes, squeeze your fingers into fists and gently rotate them in the cheekbones, towards the temples. Then lightly tap with your fingers on the skin around the eyes, from the nose to the outer edge. Movement should be light.

Watch a motivational video

Prepare in the evening any video, clip or small fragment of a film that will cheer you up in the morning. It can be a funny or lyrical video, the main thing is that after watching it you want to enjoy life and achieve success.

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