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ZomZom.io is an online multiplayer game play from super smash flash 2 game, in which you will have to survive the zombie attack. Get resources to create a fort where you can face the enemy horde. Beware of other users who can steal the material, protect it with nails and teeth.


In this ZomZom.io game, you have the option of building forts around your piece of land. Then try to kill all the bloodthirsty zombies and other characters of the players. The controls are very simple and you will get better results as you progress through the game. Find a way to get as far as possible, survive and explore the world.

Zomzom.io Game Controls

  • Use WASD Key for movement
  • Use Mouse to attack
  • Left click of the mouse¬†to hit and shoot

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Using these game controls you can play this game here. It is a free online game. Invite your friends to play the game. Have fun.

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