How do I play the BGaming bug game?

First of all, you’ll need a balance in your chosen casino to start playing the BGaming bug game. If you prefer, opt for the free trial, or “Demo” version to learn how to play first. The game will obligatorily open a tutorial the first time you play, but you can skip it if you wish.

Basically, you have two alternatives to play the BGaming bug game: bet on the animals or on their numbers. When you bet on the animals, they need to come out of the boxes to the left when you press play. The numbers are not only the ones that accompany the animals, the well-known numbers, but also the ones that make up the thousand that randomly appear next to each animal drawn.

Bets on animals from the game Jogo do Bicho da BGaming

BGaming slots

Below the name of the game, you will find six betting options. With the exception of ‘Advanced’, the other six options bet on animals in the following order

  • Single – You choose only one animal. For each animal added to the betting frame, you pay one full bet.
  • Double – Two animals per bet.
  • Triple – Three animals per bet.
  • Four of a Kind – Four animals per bet.
  • Foursome – Five animals per bet.

The more animals you add to your bet, the greater your chances of getting it right. Obviously, the premiums are lowered to adjust the return to the risk. It’s all about balance. Simply click to add animals to your betting frame. To remove, click on the “X” in the box.

Online Numbers Betting

Advanced mode allows you to bet on numbers. You have three options in total, knowing that the more difficult the bet, the bigger the return:

  • Dozen or Tens – You bet two numbers as a ten to see if it comes out next to the animals.
  • Hundreds – Same thing, but with three numbers per bet.
  • Thousands – Bet on the thousand, trying to match all four numbers drawn next to the animals.

Although tempting, don’t make bets too risky just thinking about the prize. As with all casino games, you must play responsibly and sparingly.

Although the game indicates the tens related to each animal as an inspiration in the original game, they are not the most important. You can win with them the smallest prizes in the numbers bets, as a way to have some relief in a lost bet.

How to win in this game?

BGaming Gambling

Unlike a slot machine, there are no random symbols running across the screen. However, it is a surprise to find out which of the 25 animals or which of the numerous possible number combinations will appear in each box. All you need to win is for the numbers or animals you bet on to appear in one of the 5 boxes drawn per spin.

Note that the prizes are bigger for animals or numbers drawn first in the Jogo do Bicho BGaming lottery. For example, if you bet on the snake and it is drawn in the 1st box, your winnings are higher than if it appears only in the 3rd or even 5th box.

BGaming Gambling Bonus

The BGaming bug game does not have an in-game bonus, meaning no free spins or any benefits. The only way to win with it is through winnings, reaching up to 17,000x the wager on animals or 5,000x on numbers! However, you can always take advantage of online casinos’ welcome bonuses to boost your bets.

BGaming Game Winnings

Each type of bet can generate different winnings, depending on how lucky you are to get the results on the first box or boxes. To make it easier, we have listed the winnings in order of the bet types in the tables below.

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