Thanks to the company’s growing popularity, you can easily find the best games from the famous provider on a wide variety of online casino platforms. iSoftBet specialises in pushing regulated markets, making it one of the truly trusted and secure online casino providers on the market today.

iSoftBet offers a full selection of casino games, with over 50 titles available to your credit. Their gallery features an impressive library of video slots that includes a wide variety of games from different brands inspired by some of the most iconic movies recorded by the film industry. The company is dedicated to creating video slots that give the user a lot of excitement and has been making classics like Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and more available to players since 2010. Their game list is full of visually. amazing titles and with an extensive number of bonus modes. The company produces a large number of games, always offering something new and ingenious to all players who decide to try one of their online creations.

Most of the slot machines developed by iSoftBet feature five game reels, including the most popular titles. In addition, most of the games are compatible with handheld devices, offering an equally exciting mobile gaming experience for players who like to have fun from anywhere, at any time of the day.

The company has also created several three-reel games, where you can find traditional fruit symbols and two or more optional reels that undoubtedly increase your chances of winning big prizes. Some of the best iSoftBet slot machines have 243 paylines, offering truly fascinating rewards and amounts to make this provider your favourite. Their table games are mainly roulette variants, with both European and American wheels available. In addition, they offer 4 Blackjack variants, a Baccarat variant (Punto Banco) and a Multi-Strike variant of the Joker Video Poker game.

The iSoftBet provider is led by a team of experts from the online entertainment industry. From art directors to experienced developers and game producers, only the best of the best are responsible for the high quality product offered by this up-and-coming company.


iSoftBet slot

When it comes to the features of the video slots created by iSoftBet, when you decide to try them out, be prepared to find a wide variety of different bonus features, a very cool game mode and incredible payouts. You can definitely make bigger profits thanks to the in-game bonuses, the big multipliers available and the additional wilds, which can easily generate big profits. Some of the slots also feature optional reels, where adding 4 or 5 reels can significantly increase your chances of winning.


iSoftBet tips

ISoftBet has developed and launched a number of classic casino games in collaboration with the best operators and using the best technology. It is noADMIRAL that the company is working with world famous television and movie studios to create movie slots. This will allow movie fans and players from all over the world to enjoy not only high quality graphics, but also exciting games based on their favourite movies.

This software is quite secure and for most games it corresponds to an RTP of 95% to 97%. That percentage is a good advantage worth taking advantage of, as players have a good chance of winning.

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