Jogo do Bicho Slot

How to play the Jogo do Bicho online Slot?

If you’re looking for a game that resembles the informal lotteries that take place in l, we recommend reading about Jogo do Bicho online for real money. Now, if your intention is to have fun with this Skywind Group nickel slot machine of the same name, you can start by deciding whether to try out the free mode or start with real bets.

The Bug Slot Game is quite intuitive, already showing a 5-reel, 3-row symbol grid filled with animals. In total, there are 30 paylines and opportunities for winnings beyond the combinations, thanks to the in-game bonuses. Until you’re lucky enough to win some of them, get used to the not-so-frequent combinations, as the game has a 95% RTP and high volatility.

How to win in this game?

Jogo do Bicho games

The Bug Slot Game is a slot machine with traditional mechanisms, which means that the combinations work from left to right. Except for the Wild, the lion, bull and eagle, which combine from two identical symbols, all other symbols require at least three replicas.

Any of the 13 animals in the game can turn into a Wild during a spin, opening up the range of possibilities. Should an animal appear surrounded by a blue circle, it does not participate in the normal combinations. It does, however, activate one of the game’s bonuses, which is even more interesting than a simple combination.

These combinations can generate nice wins of up to 33.33x the bet each, but the biggest returns are in the bonuses, which are not few.

Slot Machine Game Bonus

There are four special bonuses in Nickel Game, all of which are activated by means of the special random Animal Wheel. The exception to this is the free spins in the Animal Game Slot, which can also be activated by the game’s Scatter symbol.

Animal Wheel

The Animal Wheel is a special symbol that comes with four animals: lion, goat, snake and pig. It appears on any spin, regardless of how much you have bet.

Free spins bonus

Jogo do Bicho review

The free spins bonus can be activated either with the pig symbol on the Animal Wheel or by getting three copies of the Free Games symbol. This symbol, being a Scatter, can appear in any position and its effect will still be activated. In total, you get six free spins and have the right to activate the free spins again, without limits.

It’s worth noting that the free spins do not invalidate any of the other bonuses. In other words, you will still be able to activate the bingo and any other opportunity during the free spins.

Slot Game Symbol Winnings

Part of the reason why the regular combinations in the Bug Game slot are so difficult is because the game has 15 paying symbols plus the bonus one. Two of the 15 symbols are the Free Games and the Wild, both of which are a little rarer than the rest. Below are the wins for each combination of symbols in the game for the bet per line. That is, remember that the value is divided by the 30 lines of the game.

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